October 9, 2023


Hepbest Tablet: View Uses, Side Effects, Price and Substitutes

Hepbest Tablet is used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus(HBV) infection and HIV infection. Know it’s uses, side effects, prices and precautions on Chawla Medicos.

Hepbest Tablet is generic of  “Vemlidy”. “Tenofovir alafenamide” contain in both tablets.

Hepbest Tablet 25 mg uses.

Hepbest Tablet(tenofovir alafenamide) may be prescribed as antiviral medicine that prevents the serum hepatitis virus from multiplying in your body. Hepbest tablet is employed to treat patients with chronic hepatitis B infection in adults with remunerated liver disease.

Hepbest 25mg Tablets may lower the quantity of HBV in your body and will improve the condition of your liver. it’s not renowned if Vemlidy is safe and effective in youngsters below eighteen years of age. VEMLIDY is a pill containing tenofovir alafenamide for oral administration.

Tenofovir alafenamide, a hepatitis B virus (HBV) nucleoside analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor, is converted in vivo to tenofovir, an acyclic glycoside phosphonate (nucleotide) analogue of adenosine 5′-monophosphate.
Every pill contains 25 mg of tenofovir alafenamide (equivalent to twenty-eight mg of tenofovir alafenamide fumarate). The tablets embrace the subsequent inactive ingredients: croscarmellose sodium, milk sugar monohydrate, atomic number 12 stearate, and crystalline cellulose.

The tablets are film-coated with a coating material containing: iron compound yellow, polythene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, talc, and atomic number 22 dioxide.

Read this information before you take the medicine

You must not take Vemlidy if you’re allergic to tenofovir. Do not take Vemlidy 25mg tablets alongside adefovir (Hepsera), or with combination medicines that contain tenofovir (Atripla, Biktarvy, Cimduo, Complera, Descovy, Genvoya, Odefsey, Stribild, Symfi, or Truvada).

To create positive Vemlidy is safe for you, tell your doctor if you’ve got ever had:
Liver disease (especially serum hepatitis if you furthermore may have HIV)
HIV (if you’re taking tenofovir to treat hepatitis B)
Excretory organ disease; or low bone mineral density.

you will develop carboxylic acidosis, a dangerous build-up of beverage acid in your blood. raise your doctor regarding your risk.

Tell your doctor if you’re pregnant, and use your medications properly to regulate your infection. it {should} not be safe to feed whereas victimisation Vemlidy 25mg/Hepbest 25mg. Raise your doctor regarding any risk.

How to take Hepbest/Vemlidy medicine?

Take Vemlidy specifically as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all directions on your prescription label and skim all medication guides or instruction sheets.

Before you begin treatment with Vemlidy 25mg, your doctor may perform tests to create a positive you are doing not having HIV (if you are being treated for liver disease B).

• Take this medication once daily at an equivalent time every day.

• Take Vemlidy with food. don’t miss a dose of Vemlidy.

• don’t modify your dose or stop taking Vemlidy while not 1st talking together with your tending provider.

• keep below a healthcare provider’s care once taking this medicine.

• If you’re on chemical analysis, on your dialysis days, take your daily dose of Vemlidy following dialysis.

• If you’ve had liver disease B, it should return or decline once you stop victimisation Vemlidy.

• you will need a liver to operate tests while victimisation this medication and for many months once you stop.

• Store tightly closed at space temperature, aloof from wet and heat.

What are dosing instructions of Hepbest Tablet?

Usual Adult Dose for Chronic liver disease B: Tenofovir alafenamide 25mg orally once each day Uses: For the treatment of chronic HBV infection in patients with remunerated liver disease.

Common Vemlidy/Hepbest tablets side effects.

  • stomach pain
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • fever
  • pain
  • weakness
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • depressed mood
  • itching, rash
  • sleep problems (insomnia)

How much does Vemlidy cost?

Vemlidy salt name is “Tenofovir alafenamide”. Because of Vemlidy is so expensive. Its cost is around $1,376 for a supply of 30 tablets. So, People find their alternative or substitutes of this medicine. There are so many substitutes but Hapbest 25mg tablet is the best substitute. You can find Hapbest Tablet price. You can also buy Hapbest 25mg tablet online from Chawla Medicos.

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Note: We do not recommend any Medicine or give medical advice. Whether a medication is right for you is a decision between you and the prescribing doctor.


October 3, 2023


10 Signs You Don’t Have Cancer In India 2023

Cancer is a word that is feared by everyone due to its death rate. But it’s important to remember that many signs are associated with cancer which can be seen before it starts damaging your body. However, you should contact your doctor first but several reassuring signs can indicate you don’t have cancer.

You should know about some major signs that you don’t have cancer as it can help alleviate anxiety and promote a proactive approach to your well-being.

Top 10 Signs Indicate You Don’t Have Cancer In 2023

Here you can get the signs that will help you know that you don’t have cancer:


Constipation is one of the most common issues with today’s youth and some of them take it as a symptom of cancer. Mostly Constipation occurs due to improper diet and stomach problems but it is not a strong sign that you have any kind of cancer. So just keep an eye on your diet and physical activities daily to get rid of this problem.

Breast Pain

Breast pain is one of the signs of having breast cancer but not all the time. Normally, breast pain can give you a fear of having cancer but there can be many reasons behind it such as Menstruation, Pregnancy, breastfeeding, injury, tight bra, and excessive exercise. Give rest to your body and breasts or meet any health care provider to not have breast pain anymore.

Experiencing Lumps In Breats

It’s hard to feel a lump in breasts but it is always good for womens to self-examine their breasts once in a while. Lumps in breasts can be seen due to many reasons such as scar tissue, fibrous growth, fatty growth, and cancer. But usually, cancer lumps are painful and have a discharge of pus and blood through the nipple area.

Headache Without Other Symptoms

Having headaches daily can be a concerning issue but it’s not a strong sign of having cancer. There are only 1 in 100 people who have brain tumors which can only happen due to rare conditions like family genetics, immature birth, and radiation.

You Neither Smoke Or Consume Alcohol

Smoking and consuming alcohol can cause cancer in many ways but if you have never consumed any of them ten you don’t have to worry about cancer anymore. It is also one of the signs that you don’t have cancer now. But there are also a few of the cancer cases with non-smokers and people who never drink a bit of alcohol in their lives. So it is always better to have a healthy and stable diet always.

Symptoms For 1 Or 2 Days

If you have seen any of the cancer symptoms in your body but for just 1 or 2 days then don’t worry. Seeing symptoms for a few times does not mean that you have a cancer in your body. There are many blood vomiting cases that happen due to food poisoning but victims declared that as a cancer symptom.

Young Age

If you are young like in your 20’s then you don’t have to worry about the cancer now. According to the studies the cancer cells are mostly effective after 30’s of people. People below 40 are not likely to have cancer at a younger age. So if you are still young then it is one of the signs that you don’t have cancer.

Health Reports Are Normal

If your recent health reports are completely fine, you do not have to worry about cancer now. There are 01% chance that you may have cancer now.

Family History

If there were no patients of cancer in your family then you may also not have the cancer. People with a family history of cancer are at an increased risk of developing the disease. This is because cancer can be caused by inherited genetic mutations. Some of these mutations can be passed down from parents to children.

People Who Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the chance of having cancer. So if you exercise daily and maintain your diet and weight then it is also one of the signs that you don’t have cancer at the current time. 

But it is just an assumption made by us according to the previous research data and reports. So you must consult everything with any specialist if you feel any kind of Cancer symptoms in your body.

What Is The Number 1 Symptom Of Cancer?

Cancer symptoms can be different like new lump or thickening in the breast or elsewhere in the body, unexplained weight loss, changes in bowel or bladder habits, fatigue, difficulty in swallowing, upset stomach, unexplained back pain, and headache.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you should consult your healthcare provider to get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

What Are The Signs Shows You Don’t Have Cancer?

There are many signs that indicate you don’t have cancer now:

  • Constipation
  • Headache Without Other Symptoms
  • Young Age
  • Breast Pain
  • Experiencing Lumps In Breats
  • Health Reports Are Normal
  • Family History
  • You Neither Smoke Or Consume Alcohol
  • Symptoms For 1 Or 2 Days
  • People Who Maintain A Healthy Weight

What Are The 7 Early Signs Of Cancer?

These are the 7 early signs that you may have cancer and should get it checked with any specialist.

  • A change in bowel or bladder habits. This could include constipation, diarrhea, blood in the stool, or difficulty urinating.
  • A sore that does not heal. This could be a sore on the skin, in the mouth, or on the genitals.
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge. There could be discharge from the nipples, rectal bleeding, or vaginal bleeding in between periods.
  • Thickening or lump in the breast or elsewhere in the body. This could be a lump in the breast, underarm, or groin, or a thickening of the skin.
  • Indigestion or difficulty swallowing. This could involve persistent heartburn, trouble swallowing, or feeling full even after only a modest meal.
  • Obvious change in a wart or mole. This could be a change in the size, shape, color, or texture of a wart or mole.
  • A nagging cough or hoarseness. This could be a sign of lung cancer or throat cancer.

Will I Feel Different If I Have Cancer?

Yes, you may feel different kinds of feelings like depression, fear, sadness, and anxiety. There are normal change in the emotions of a person who find themselves as a cancer victim.

Can I Have Cancer And Feel Normal?

Yes, you can have cancer without having any symptoms. It can be seen only when the cancer is in the first stage. 

October 13, 2022


Top 7 Self-Care Tips to manage Hepatitis C

Are you also fighting against Hepatitis C? If yes then here in this content we will avail you some of the best ways to fight against Hepatitis C and take care of yourself. These tips to manage Hepatitis C will surely make you feel better which is so crucial if you are a victim of this problem.

Hepatitis C is a kind of virus infection that impacts the victim’s liver and makes it swell called inflammation. It is a bloodborne virus but can be spread through unsafe injection procedures, injecting drugs, and sexual practices as well.

How Can I Treat Hcv Positive At Home?

You can treat HCV at home by performing various activities we have mentioned below. All of the tips to manage Hepatitis C will impact differently on your health to make you feel better.

Eat Healthy

Managing your diet is one of the first steps that you should take to start treating your Hepatitis C. Eating healthy can directly impact your body and even reduce inflammation, Improve liver functionality, and can also boost the immune system. It will also save you from other diseases which can target your weak body.

A Healthy Diet Will Impact On:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost liver functionality
  • Gain weight

Good Sleep Schedule

Having a good sleep schedule will help your body to heal in the fastest way possible. It will also make your organs work better in a state of resting. By having a good sleep cycle you will feel much healthier and stress-free at the same time.

A night of good sleep also helps to improve cognitive function, such as memory and concentration. Google also suggests sleep as one of the best tips to manage Hepatitis C because it is so helpful for people with hepatitis C who are undergoing treatment and face mood swings and depression as well.

A Good Sleep Schedule Will Impact:

  • Improves memory & mind stability
  • Helps to recover fast
  • Improves mood swings
  • Improves cognitive function

Get Friends and Support

Whether you are a victim of a virus or any infection, good support always gives you the power to keep fighting. You can also make some online friends or chat in different groups or communities to feel motivated & have emotional support.

According to the surveys and research, most Hepatitis C victims isolate themselves to hide their feelings. This situation makes conditions worse and the victim starts losing his hope too. This is why HCV patients should be surrounded by and participate in different discussions so that they can feel supported.

A Good Support Can Impact on:

  • Gives emotional support
  • Helps to manage stress
  • Helps to not feel lonely
  • Gives a feeling of participation

Avoid Alcohol Intake

Taking alcohol in Hep C condition will make it worse as it will damage the liver of the victim directly. It can lead to more inflammation and pain as well to the victim. So in order to do self-care in Hepatitis C conditions you should always avoid alcohol intake in any situation.

The continuous intake of alcohol can also lead to fat in the liver and scarring of liver tissues which will lead to Cirrhosis and liver failure as well. Leaving any kind of alcohol or nicotine substance is one of the first self-care tips to manage Hepatitis C given by doctors.

Avoiding Alcohol Can Benefit:

  • Improves immune system
  • Better liver functionality
  • Saves from Cirrhosis and more inflammation
  • Strengthen liver tissues

Try Meditation

According to the research, there is a big difference between the Hep C victim’s conditions who adopt meditation. Meditating daily will provide your body a relief and the ability to heal quickly. This is one of the best ways to self-care for yourself while fighting hepatitis C. Practicing daily will strengthen your liver and its functionality which will also reduce the inflammation.

Meditation Can Impact on:

  • Improves body healing ability
  • It gives the mind stability & calmness
  • Saves from depression and anxiety
  • Reduce liver inflammation

What A Hepatitis Patient Should Avoid?

A Hepatitis C patient should avoid alcohol, smoking, and substances that contain nicotine as an ingredient. Both smoking and drinking alcohol will harm your liver and can even lead to liver failure. You can also check the below-mentioned list to know what a Hepatitis patient should avoid:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Smoking
  3. Physical relationship
  4. Uncooked or raw shellfish
  5. Sharing needles
  6. Drugs intake
  7. Medications [Acetaminophen (Tylenol)]

In addition, to avoid these things a victim of hepatitis C should also eat healthy and get regular exercise as well. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can highly impact the patient’s condition positively.

What Food Is Good For Hepatitis?

Every hepatitis patient should eat according to a healthy diet plan. It should include protein-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, lean protein items (chicken, fish, beans) and so more.

How Can I Protect My Liver While Living With Hepatitis C?

If you are suffering from Hepatitis C then there many self-care tips to manage Hepatitis C. You can do various things such as eating healthy, limiting alcohol intake, meditating, and sleeping well. These are some of the tricks that you can adopt to make your liver condition better while curing your Hepatitis C.

Are There Any Dietary Recommendations For People With Hepatitis C?

Yes, according to our research, most doctors suggest eating a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, protein-rich items, and low-fat dairy products as well. A Hep C patient also stops the intake of food items that are high in saturated fats. Eating food items that include saturated fats can lead to more inflammation in the liver and problems in the digestion system as well.

What Are The Risks Of Not Managing Hepatitis C?

If you do not manage Hepatitis C then it will completely spread on your liver and will damage it deeply. It can lead to serious health problems such as liver cancer and failure. So it is always suggested to make a good doctor’s appointment or get some self-care tips to manage Hepatitis C on your own.

October 11, 2022


Dacihep 60 mg Details You Must Know In 2023

Dacihep (Daklinza) 60 mg tablet is utilized in a blend with different prescriptions, for example, Sofosbuvir, interferon, and ribavirin for the treatment of hepatitis C contamination. 

On utilizing this prescription you may encounter reactions, for example, sickness, migraine, shortcoming, weariness, and the breakdown of the red cell, loose bowels, laziness, tipsiness, and skin rash.

If your responses continue or turn out to be more terrible after some time, look for the assistance of your healthcare supplier immediately. Dacihep 60mg is a physician-recommended medication and ought to be utilized under legitimate medical direction. 

Buy Dacihep (Daklinza) 60 mg Tablet online

In order to buy Dacihep 60g tablet from India or visit our website, look through your prescription and fill up “Ask Price” form as indicated by your need. Our official will get in touch with you soon to process your request. For more information, you can visit Chawla Medicos.

Uses of Dacihep (Daklinza) 60 mg Tablet

Dacihep 60 mg tablet is utilized with another antiviral drug Sofosbuvir, interferon and ribavirin to treat chronic hepatitis C, a viral contamination of the liver.

These prescriptions together lessen the measure of hepatitis C infection in your body, which enables your immune system to battle the contamination and may enable your liver to recoup.

Chronic hepatitis C disease can cause genuine liver issues, for example, scarring (cirrhosis), or liver malignancy.

Side-effects of Dacihep (Daklinza) 60 mg Tablet 

The most ordinarily detailed reactions when taking the DaclaHep tablet to incorporate:- 

  • Fatigue 
  • A headache 
  • Nausea 
  • Skin rash 
  • Chest torment 
  • Joint agony  
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Tiredness 

How to utilize Dacihep 60 mg Tablet?

Take Dacihep 60 mg Tablet medication in the portion and length as exhorted by your specialist. Swallow it as an entire. Try not to bite, chew, or break it. 

How does Dacihep 60 mg tablet Work?

Dacihep 60 mg Tablet is an antiviral medicine. It works by bringing down a heap of hepatitis C infection in the body and expelling the infection from the blood over some stretch of time. 


  • Before taking Dacihep 60 mg Tablet, tell your specialist or drug specialist in the event that you are adversely affected by it; or if you have some other hypersensitivity. 
  • This item may contain dormant fixings, which can cause unfavorably susceptible responses or different issues. Talk to your drug specialist for more subtleties. 
  • Prior to utilizing this prescription, tell your specialist or drug specialist your restorative history, particularly of: kidney infection and liver illness other than hepatitis C.

Dacihep (Daklinza) 60 mg tablet Storage Details 

  • Store Dacihep 60 mg Tablet at 25°C (77°F); outings allowed somewhere in the range of 15°C and 30°C (59°F and 86°F). 
  • Do not utilize it if the first seal over the container opening is broken or missing. 
  • Throw away Dacihep 60 mg Tablet that is never again required or terminated (outdated). Pursue FDA rules on the most proficient method to securely discard unused drugs. 
  • Keep Dacihep 60 mg Tablet and all drugs far from youngsters.


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Hepbest Tablet: View Uses, Side Effects, Price and Substitutes

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Find Online HIV Medicine in India with Affordable Price

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about the most prescribed medicine by doctors to manage AIDS and information about buying options of HIV Medicine Online like Albavir and Hepbest with the best price.

What is HIV/AIDS?

HIV is a disease that destroys human cells called CD4. CD4 is a WBC that helps in fighting infection in our body. But due to the destruction of these cells, the spread of HIV starts increasing in the body.

HIV cannot be cured without treatment, if you try to do this, then HIV starts growing and comes in an advanced stage, then it is not possible to control it. The advanced stage of HIV is called AIDS i.e. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This does not happen to everyone, there are many reasons for this which develop AIDS.

AIDS cannot be completely cured when it is in the advanced stage but with proper treatment and follow up it can be controlled.

Buy Albavir Online – HIV Medicine in India

The first name comes in the medicines of HIV, Albavir tablets. It is a combination of 2 antiretrovirals. Which boosts the immunity of the patient and provides him with the power to fight the infection of HIV. It cannot cure completely, only manage. Therefore, HIV patients should buy HIV Aids Medicines Online so that they can get timely control over their disease.

Consuming Albavir tablets, helps in reducing the expansion of HIV in the patient’s body, due to which there are no complications related to HIV. It is mandatory to consume these tablets only in time and without any gap because falling in their consumption gap can make HIV more effective again.

The patient must follow the course as per the advice of his doctor and complete it completely.

Along with the benefits of every medicine, it is natural to have side effects as well. Because its effect is not the same for everyone. The most common side effect of albavir tablet is fever, tiredness, nausea, diarrhoea, headaches, depression, insomnia, rashes, etc. Although all these side effects occur only for a short time, if a patient shows it for a long time, then he should immediately consult his doctor.

Along with the health of the HIV-positive patient, it is also necessary to take care of some important and important things. Such as not sharing your used shaving razors and toothbrush with anyone, and avoiding sexual activities as it can prove to be very fatal. And keep doing your blood tests from time to time.

Use of Albavir tablet

Albavir tablet is an antiviral drug that is used to control HIV. This tablet reduces the infection of the virus in the patient’s body and also slows down or completely stops the multiplication of the virus. (If early stage).

HIV Medicines Price in India

You can buy Albavir tablets online it’s very easy. It is available in almost every online store. But, if you want HIV medicines at low cost or affordable cost then I would suggest you to go with Chawla Medicos. From there you can get Albavir tablets for around ₹ 1219 per bottle. There are 30 tablets in 1 bottle.

Hepbest tablet is also an antiviral drug that is used to control HIV. The patient can Buy HIV AIDS medicines online in India with the best rate and instant delivery.


Hepbest is also known as Tenofovir Alafenamide. Because it is a phosphoramidite prodrug of tenofovir. Which performs the replication of HBV through the HBV polymerase enzyme, which terminates the polymer chain.

How to take or consume HIV medicines

Hepbest tablet is 25 mg which is consumed orally by swallowing with water. It cannot be consumed by cutting or chewing it.

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Cancer Treatment And Its Consequences: Practical Tips To Stay Healthy!

8 best food to prevent cancer | Supplements to add in your diet.

October 6, 2022


The Cure for Cancer: New Advances in Cancer Medicine for Better Treatment!

Here are a few important things you should know about cancer and its treatment today. Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people around the world.

Let’s started

There are a few diseases as terrifying as cancer. It’s hard to know what’s more frightening: the idea of contracting the disease or learning that it has spread and is incurable. Yet this is often the case in patients who get diagnosed with cancer at an advanced stage. In the last few decades, there have been major breakthroughs in our understanding of cancer and its causes.

There are various types of cancer, which are caused by different combinations of genetic mutations, unhealthy habits, and external factors such as exposure to carcinogens. There are also many new treatment options on the market that offer much better chances for recovery than older methods. A lot of this new technology was not available even 10 years ago and continues to improve year after year. 

Here are a few important things you should know about the treatment of cancer today…

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people around the world. It is a leading cause of death in many countries. The abnormal growth of cells in the body causes cancer. These cells can spread to other parts of the body and cause death. There are many different cancers, and each type is treated differently. Early detection and treatment of cancer can save lives.

Cancer Epidemiology and Statistics

While there are many cancers, cancers of the lung (both smoking-related and non-smoking related), breast cancer and brain cancer are the most common. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 4 deaths in the United States is because of some form of cancer. In 2016, there were 1.7 million fresh cases of cancer and almost 600,000 deaths from the disease in the United States.

There are various types of cancer, each caused by different combinations of genetic mutations, unhealthy habits, and external factors such as exposure to carcinogens. However, there are also many new treatment options available that offer much better chances for recovery than older methods.

What are the Various Forms of Cancer?

There are over 100 different cancers. Below are some of the most common types: – 

  • Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer is the most common type among women and can also affect men. If you’re concerned about your estrogen levels, there are a few things you can do to counteract them. Birth control pills are one way to help, and they’re a great way to prevent other health problems, like pregnancy and STDs. Talk to your doctor about what’s best for you.
  • Lung Cancer: This is the most common type among men and women in all ethnicities. If you want to reduce your risk of lung cancer, quitting smoking is the best way to go. By avoiding the carcinogens in the air, you can help prevent this deadly disease.
  • Colorectal Cancer: This is the fourth most common type of cancer in both men and women, and is caused by a blend of genetics and poor dietary choices. 
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Cancer of this type is extremely hazardous and difficult to detect early; C-myc is the main oncogene responsible for its activation.
  • Stomach Cancer: This type of cancer is caused by a bacterium called H. pylori, which can be treated with antibiotics.

Cancer Prevention Strategies and Tips

There is a cure for Cancer Medicine, as well as there are ways to prevent it. For example, one of the main causes of lung cancer is smoking. Therefore, quitting smoking is crucial in preventing this type of cancer. Reducing alcohol intake, staying fit, and eating a healthy diet are also good ways of preventing cancer. Many cancers can be detected early with screening tests. If you notice any changes in your body, see a doctor without delay. This way, some complications can be avoided or treated in their early stages. Some of the most commonly recommended screening tests are listed below: 

  • Mammography: This breast tumour treatment option can detect breast cancer in its early stages. 
  • Colonoscopy: This screen can detect and prevent colorectal cancer. 
  • Pap test: This can detect cervical cancer and pre-cancers in its early stages. 
  • Faecal occult blood test (FOBT): This can detect colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers in their early stages.

What are the Newest Treatments for Cancer?

The development of treatment for prostate cancer is a heavily researched area, and many promising new treatments are being developed every year. The two main types of treatments for cancer are surgery, which removes the cancerous cells, and chemotherapy, which destroys all the cells in the body. The following are the most promising new treatments:

  • Targeted Therapy: This is a type of chemotherapy that targets specific genes that drive the cancerous process. It can be used to treat many types of cancer, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma. 
  • Immunotherapy: This is a new type of treatment that aims to boost your body’s immune system to fight cancer. It has been found to be particularly effective against some types of cancers, such as melanoma. 
  • Gene Editing: This is a promising new technology that can edit the DNA of your cells to alter their function or reduce the chances of cancer developing. CRISPR/Cas9 is the most commonly used gene editing tool.


Key Takeaway while taking Cancer Treatment.

Cancer is a scary but common disease that is caused by mutated cells in the body that grow uncontrollably and invade nearby tissues. The more we understand the causes of cancer and what we can do to prevent it, the better our chances of survival will be. The development of treatment is a heavily researched area, and many promising new treatments are being developed every year. The most important thing is to catch cancer in its early stages when it is more treatable.

October 3, 2022


Buy Hepatitis C Medicines Online From Best Supplier in India with discounted Price

Today, we are going to tell you in detail about Hepatitis C Medicines Online From Best Supplier in India With discounted Prices, so that if you are also suffering from Hepatitis C disease then you can order medicine online like buy Dacihep 60 mg Tablets.

What is Hepatitis C?

The word Hepatitis C  must do with HEPA, that is that the liver. something having to try to do with the liver itis, which implies irritated or unhealthy, we tend to apprehend that the first viruses we see in this country are infectious hepatitis, serum hepatitis, and viral hepatitis.

Thus anytime somebody’s exposed to someone else’s blood, which may happen through blood transfusions before ninety-two organ transplantation before screening individuals on qualitative analysis, individuals with bleeder’s disease, additionally as those that inject medicine, all were known as risky populations as wherever individuals endure HIV as a result of several of identical modes of transmission for HIV also are true for viral hepatitis, their system tries to fight it. 

This battle goes on in a very silent method in their liver for 10, 20, 30, 40 years and it should even be inflicting alternative issues with Hepatitis C.

Why is “Hepatitis C” a major disease?

Hepatitis C may be a major drawback within the US. and extremely around the world. additional individuals are dying of viral hepatitis in this country than have HIV. we predict many of us do not even apprehend what Hepatitis C is and the way you’ll dig. thus viral hepatitis is simply a pestilence that does not do a full heap apart from the need to measure in your liver and create additional copies of itself.

Medicines for Hepatitis C

if you’ve got viral hepatitis, your liver is inflamed as a result of you’ve got been infected with the viral hepatitis virus. Your liver is the largest organ within your body and performs several necessary functions. The purposeful elements of your liver are referred to as viscus lobules. 

Your viscus lobules filter all of the blood in your body. As your blood passes through them, your viscus lobules break down harmful substances, take away microorganisms and worn-out blood cells, and type natural process factors that manage injury. once a meal, your liver makes and stores nutrients to supply your body with energy once required.

  1. During the first, or acute section, of a viral hepatitis infection, the virus enters your liver and invades your liver cells. Once within your liver cells, the virus begins to form copies of itself. throughout the repeating method, changes referred to as mutations to occur oftentimes within the virus’s genetic material, resulting in new strains of the virus.
  2. An immunizing agent contains weak, or inactive, viruses that train your system to recognise and attack sure viruses. However, frequent mutations within the viral hepatitis virus create it probably that you simply can catch a version of the virus that’s not contained during an immunizing agent. As a result, there’s no effective immunizing agent for the viral hepatitis virus. If you’ve got viral hepatitis, your system might not destroy all of the viral hepatitis viruses in your body.
  3. Most of the people infected with the virus develop chronic viral hepatitis, a condition within which your system isn’t able to destroy all of the viruses in your body once in six months. If you’ve got chronic viral hepatitis and your system cannot get obviate the virus fully, your doctor could inflict a mix of medical care consisting of anti-viral medication referred to as antiviral agents and injections of antiviral, drugs that strengthen your system. Once taken along, these medicines are best against viral hepatitis.
  4. If you’ve got a severe case of chronic viral hepatitis, your doctor could suggest a liver transplant operation.


Dacihep 60mg tablet

Dacihep 60mg tablet ought to be taken within the dose and for the length of your time prescribed by your doctor. It ought to be enamoured or while not food, ideally at a hard and fast time. don’t skip any doses and end the total course of treatment, notwithstanding you’re feeling higher. If you miss a dose, take it as presently as attainable. don’t double the dose.

It has fewer facet effects as compared to alternative similar medicines, like fatigue, headache, nausea, sleep disorder (difficulty sleeping), and anaemia (low red somatic cell count). Inform your doctor if these facet effects persist for an extended period. Please consult your doctor if you’re pregnant, reaching to conceive, or breastfeeding.

Chronic viral hepatitis virus (HCV) infection 

Dacihep 60mg tablets work by preventing the HCV virus from multiplying in your body. It helps manage the infection and makes the system work higher. This lowers your possibilities of obtaining complications and improves your quality of life. You can buy Hepatitis C medicines Online.

This drugs is often taken together with alternative antiretroviral medicines. it’s not a cure and will not be wont to forestall HCV infection. you need to take these salts as prescribed by your doctor, following the dose suggested by your doctor. Taking all the doses within the correct quantity at the correct times greatly will increase the effectiveness of the drugs.

Buy Hepatitis C Medicines Online.

MyHep All Tablet for Hepatitis C contains Velpatasvir 100 mg and Sofosbuvir 400 mg. Every pack contain 28 tablets, which costs nearly $500 – $800. Chawla Medicos is one of the famous and trusted generic pharmaceutical supplier in India. You can buy hepatitis medicines at a very affordable price. and also you can order this worldwide.


No matter what the medicine is, taking it without the advice of the doctor can put your life in danger. Hepatitis C is such a chronic disease that if not given timely attention and proper treatment as well as the course of medicines is not completed then it can be fatal. Therefore, keep consulting with your doctor from time to time, and always order your medicines online from any Anti-HIV medicine supplier Online before they expire, so that you can get your medicines from time to time and in any way in the course. Let there be no gap.

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September 30, 2022


Cancer Treatment Side Effects & Consequences

In this blog, you will understand better about Cancer treatment and its consequences. Here you will know the cancer types, Prevention, Treatment, and other helpful things.

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most challenging moments in anyone’s life. Facing this disease as a patient means that you have to go through several medical cancer treatments and adjust your life according to the new reality.

If you are among those who have been diagnosed with cancer, you must stay positive and manage your stress levels as much as possible.

This will ensure that your immune system remains strong and you can fight the disease better. Many challenges are waiting for you if you have cancer, but there are also cancer treatment options. Staying positive when facing cancer treatment is not easy, but it is worth trying. Read on to learn how: 

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a general term used to describe a large group of diseases. It can be defined as the uncontrolled growth of cells, which may lead to their death by causing them to become malignant.

While cancer is not just one disease, it is considered such because all types of cancers are caused by mutations in genes that control cell growth and division. Cancer cells divide uncontrollably and form tumors or masses called cancers (tumors).

These tumors vary in size depending on how far they have spread beyond their main site; however, most types of cancer take place within the walls surrounding an organ or elsewhere within the body (such as bone).

What Are Cancer Treatment Side-Effects?

Cancer treatment side effects are problems that can occur during or after cancer treatment. They can be caused by the treatment itself, by the cancer itself, or by a combination of both.

The type and severity of side effects can vary depending on the type of cancer, the type of treatment, and the individual patient. Some side effects are mild and go away on their own, while others can be more serious and require medical treatment.

Here are some of the most common side effects of cancer treatment:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Mouth sores
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Changes in appetite
  • Pain
  • Bleeding and bruising
  • Infection
  • Skin and nail changes
  • Lymphedema
  • Nerve problems
  • Sexual problems
  • Fertility problems
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Mood changes

Some side effects can be long-term, meaning they can last for months or even years after treatment ends. Other side effects are more likely to occur during treatment or in the short term after treatment.

It is important to talk to your doctor about the potential side effects of your cancer treatment before you start treatment. Your doctor can help you develop a plan to manage and cope with any side effects that you experience.

Here are some tips for managing cancer treatment side effects:

  1. Get plenty of rest.
  2. Eat a healthy diet.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids.
  4. Exercise regularly, but avoid strenuous activity if you are feeling tired.
  5. Take over-the-counter medications to relieve pain and other symptoms.
  6. Talk to your doctor about prescription medications if your side effects are severe.
  7. Join a support group for cancer patients and their families.

If you are experiencing any side effects of cancer treatment, it is important to tell your doctor right away. They can help you manage your symptoms and make sure that you are getting the best possible care.

Types of Cancer and Its Prevention

There are various ways to reduce your risk of developing cancer, and some of the most common include quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, and getting physically active.

In terms of cancer types, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer are the most common. Regular screening for prostate cancer prevention is important by going to your doctor or a healthcare professional.

This way, you can detect skin cancer prevention early on and take the necessary steps to prevent it from spreading.

The Role of Physical Activity in Cancer Prevention

Physical activity is an important part of any healthy lifestyle, and it can help you stay healthy during cancer treatment.

It’s also good for your overall health, which means that even if you don’t have cancer now, physical activity will help keep your body in shape so that it can fight off any future diseases.

There are many exercise guidelines for weight loss: try taking the stairs instead of elevators; use an elliptical machine at the gym; walk up hills; ride on an exercise bike/equipment at home (or go outside); play golf with friends instead of driving golf carts everywhere; climb mountains instead than driving all over town looking for one within a reasonable distance from where I live! You get the idea…

How to Stay Positive Even When Facing Cancer Treatment

It is important to stay positive, even when facing cancer treatment. Being positive & following healthy diet guidelines will help you maintain your sense of well-being, which is essential for healing.

  • Eat well – A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of many types of cancers, including breast cancer by 20%. Eating a lot of red meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 30%. For both types of cancers that means cutting down on processed foods like hot dogs or burgers (and eating more fish), while eating plenty of whole grains; fresh veggies instead of frozen ones; nuts instead of candy bars; not smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol only rarely if at all—and avoiding too much sun exposure as much as possible!
  • Stay active: Physical activity can be a great way to reduce stress and boost your energy level. For example, get outside and walk around the block or take a short nap on the couch while watching TV in the evening. If possible, try exercising regularly throughout the day instead of just at exercise classes or during lunchtime at work/school (or both).
  • Maintain healthy eating habits: Make sure that you eat healthy diet foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables every day! This will help keep your blood sugar levels low which may prevent diabetes from developing later in life if left untreated during adulthood because it has been genetically programmed into us since the childhood development stage.

Taking care of your health during cancer treatment will help you recover faster.

So you have cancer. That’s a big deal, and it can be scary. But taking good care of yourself during cancer treatment will help you recover faster, stay healthy, and enjoy life more after your treatment is over.

This advice applies to any type of cancer: Here are some ways you can help keep your body healthy during the process. 

Cancer is a disease that affects many people. Most of us are familiar with the term “cancer,” but few of us know what to do when we’re diagnosed with cancer and how to prevent it from happening in our bodies.

In this blog, we have provided a quick guide on the different types of cancer and their prevention.

By knowing the different types of cancer and their prevention methods, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Make sure to read through this blog and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself healthy!

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September 28, 2022


Teevir Tablet Details – Uses, Side-Effects, & Precaution

In this blog, You will know the Teevir Tablet uses, side-effects, precautions and also where you can buy Teevir Tablet at an affordable cost.

Teevir is a nucleoside turnaround transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), which is utilized for treating HIV disease. It comes as a container, a tablet, and an answer. Teevir Tablet contains Efavirenz, Emtricitabine, and Tenofovir as active ingredients in the ratio of 200 mg/300 mg/600 mg.

Teevir Tablet works by bringing down the development and diminishing the measure of HIV infection in the body; hindering the movement of a viral protein; blocking RNA-subordinate DNA polymerase work in viral DNA replication; 

Uses of Teevir Tablet 

Teevir Tablet is utilized for the treatment, control, counteractive action, and enhancement of the accompanying maladies, conditions and side effects: 

  • HIV
  • HIV disease 
  • Hepatitis B infection 

What are the side effects of Teevir Tablet? 

Apart from its intended impact, Teevir Tablet may cause some undesirable impacts as well. In such cases, you should look for restorative consideration immediately, including; 

  • Sickness, 
  • The looseness of the bowels, 
  • Cerebral pain, 
  • Bad dream, 
  • Sadness, 
  • Dazedness, 
  • Fart, 
  • Sleepiness, 
  • A sleeping disorder (trouble in dozing), 
  • Rash 

Precautionary measures 

Before utilizing Teevir Tablet, inform your specialist about your present list of prescriptions, over-the-counter items (for example nutrients, organic supplements, and so on.), sensitivities, previous illnesses, and current wellbeing conditions (for example pregnancy, up-and-coming medical procedures, and so forth.).

Some well-being conditions may make you increasingly powerless to the reactions of the medication. Take as coordinated by your specialist or read the bearing imprinted on the item embed. Tell your specialist if your condition persists or worsens.

How Teevir work 

Emtricitabine + Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate + Efavirenz is a mix of three antiviral drugs: Emtricitabine + Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate + Efavirenz1, Emtricitabine + Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate + Efavirenz2 and Emtricitabine + Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate + Efavirenz3. They work by avoiding HIV (infection) from duplicating, subsequently decreasing the measure of infection in your body.

They additionally increment the CD4 cell (white platelets that secure against contamination) check in your blood. 

In-depth information for Teevir Tablets

  • Teevir is a mix of three drugs that backs off or stop the movement of HIV contaminations. 
  • Take it on an empty stomach, ideally at sleep time, to diminish symptoms. 
  • Skipping dosages expands the danger of treatment disappointment. Ensure that you take every one of your dosages at the right time. 
  • Teevir may cause dazedness or tiredness. Try not to drive or do anything requiring focus until you know how it influences you. 
  • Teevir can cause birth defects. Utilize viable contraception while taking Teevir and 12 weeks in the wake of halting it. 
  • It might cause debilitating of your bones. Exercise routinely and take calcium and nutrient D supplements as recommended by your specialist. 
  • Your specialist may screen your kidney and liver capacities routinely. Talk to your specialist if you create side effects, for example, stomach torment, loss of craving, obscured pee or yellowing of the eyes or skin. 
  • Try not to quit taking Teevir without your specialist’s recommendation.

How to Buy Teevir tablet online? 

The online purchase process of Teevir Tablet is very simple and furthermore, every patient can undoubtedly purchase this medication without visiting the stores. If you are planning to purchase Teevir tablet online with the best quality, then Chawla medicos is the best place. We will connect with you when your request gets put in.