New Cures for Hepatitis C But Are They Affordable Rate

The public health burden of hepatitis C is enormous. This serious viral infection of the liver causes cirrhosis, liver cancer, and end-stage liver failure, often requiring liver transplantation. Over 3 million people in the United States and 150 million worldwide READ MORE

Reliable Online Drug Suppliers

These days there is so much of pollution and adulteration in the food that we consume. People tend to have severe diseases because of that. When talking about drug online store, Chawla medicos are one of the best online drugs READ MORE

Know the Importance of Sofosbuvir Tablets

Sofosbuvir tablets are best known for treating the hepatitis C (CHC). It works as an antiviral treatment for the chronic disease. It helps in treating various type of HCV infection with efficacy and safety. It doesn’t need interferon of for READ MORE

How will you Prevent from Hepatitis C?

As medical science advanced, the doctors and scientists were able to identify new viruses, which have been plaguing the human society. Once the disease was invented, a new search was started for finding its cure. Hepatitis C is one such READ MORE

Velpanat tablets Hepatitis C

Velpanat tablets help in treating the hepatitis C in adults, basically, those who have m genotype 1-6 chronic hepatitis C virus. These tablets should be taken as a fixed dose by the patients having Chronic Hepatitis C. There is no READ MORE