October 8, 2022


Find Online HIV Medicine in India with Affordable Price

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about the most prescribed medicine by doctors to manage AIDS and information about buying options of HIV Medicine Online like Albavir and Hepbest with the best price.

What is HIV/AIDS?

HIV is a disease that destroys human cells called CD4. CD4 is a WBC that helps in fighting infection in our body. But due to the destruction of these cells, the spread of HIV starts increasing in the body.

HIV cannot be cured without treatment, if you try to do this, then HIV starts growing and comes in an advanced stage, then it is not possible to control it. The advanced stage of HIV is called AIDS i.e. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This does not happen to everyone, there are many reasons for this which develop AIDS.

AIDS cannot be completely cured when it is in the advanced stage but with proper treatment and follow up it can be controlled.

Buy Albavir Online – HIV Medicine in India

The first name comes in the medicines of HIV, Albavir tablets. It is a combination of 2 antiretrovirals. Which boosts the immunity of the patient and provides him with the power to fight the infection of HIV. It cannot cure completely, only manage. Therefore, HIV patients should buy HIV Aids Medicines Online so that they can get timely control over their disease.

Consuming Albavir tablets, helps in reducing the expansion of HIV in the patient’s body, due to which there are no complications related to HIV. It is mandatory to consume these tablets only in time and without any gap because falling in their consumption gap can make HIV more effective again.

The patient must follow the course as per the advice of his doctor and complete it completely.

Along with the benefits of every medicine, it is natural to have side effects as well. Because its effect is not the same for everyone. The most common side effect of albavir tablet is fever, tiredness, nausea, diarrhoea, headaches, depression, insomnia, rashes, etc. Although all these side effects occur only for a short time, if a patient shows it for a long time, then he should immediately consult his doctor.

Along with the health of the HIV-positive patient, it is also necessary to take care of some important and important things. Such as not sharing your used shaving razors and toothbrush with anyone, and avoiding sexual activities as it can prove to be very fatal. And keep doing your blood tests from time to time.

Use of Albavir tablet

Albavir tablet is an antiviral drug that is used to control HIV. This tablet reduces the infection of the virus in the patient’s body and also slows down or completely stops the multiplication of the virus. (If early stage).

HIV Medicines Price in India

You can buy Albavir tablets online it’s very easy. It is available in almost every online store. But, if you want HIV medicines at low cost or affordable cost then I would suggest you to go with Chawla Medicos. From there you can get Albavir tablets for around ₹ 1219 per bottle. There are 30 tablets in 1 bottle.

Hepbest tablet is also an antiviral drug that is used to control HIV. The patient can Buy HIV AIDS medicines online in India with the best rate and instant delivery.


Hepbest is also known as Tenofovir Alafenamide. Because it is a phosphoramidite prodrug of tenofovir. Which performs the replication of HBV through the HBV polymerase enzyme, which terminates the polymer chain.

How to take or consume HIV medicines

Hepbest tablet is 25 mg which is consumed orally by swallowing with water. It cannot be consumed by cutting or chewing it.

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