November 2, 2023


Top 5 Stomach Cancer Symptoms In Women 2023

Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, develops in the tissues lining the stomach. It is more common in men than women but still affects women as well. Recognizing the signs and symptoms can lead to early diagnosis and improved prognosis. So in today’s article, we will tell you what signs you should look for to know if a woman might have stomach cancer symptoms in women or not.

Top Stomach Cancer Symptoms In Women 2023

Some of the most common stomach cancer symptoms in women should look out for include:

  • Persistent indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux
  • Abdominal pain or cramping in the stomach area
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bloating after eating meals
  • Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss
  • Feeling overly full quickly when eating
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Abdominal swelling or fluid buildup

If these symptoms are new and persistent, it warrants a visit to the doctor.

Early Signs Of Stomach Cancer In Females

In the early stages, stomach cancer may not cause much noticeable symptoms. Some early signs women should watch for include:

Stomach Pain And Cramping As A Symptom

Persistent abdominal pain is one of the most common stomach cancer symptoms in women. This pain can feel like cramps, a dull ache, or a feeling of pressure. The pain may start as mild and progress over time. Pain is usually located in the upper abdomen.

Nausea And Vomiting As A Symptom Of Stomach Cancer

The accumulation of waste products and toxins from cancer growth can trigger nausea and vomiting sensations. Vomiting may happen randomly or be triggered by eating. Persistent nausea that does not go away can signal a problem.

Loss Of Appetite And Unintended Weight Loss

Lack of appetite and unexplained weight loss are common signs of stomach cancer symptoms in women. This is due to the tumor growth interfering with the digestive process. Losing weight without trying warrants a medical evaluation.

Feeling Full Quickly When Eating

Feeling overly full after eating small amounts of food is another red flag for stomach cancer symptoms in women. This can occur when the tumor is obstructing gastric emptying. Being unable to finish normal-sized meals is a clue to getting checked out.

Abdominal Bloating May Indicate Stomach Cancer

Abdominal bloating that does not go away can be a sign of a mass or tumor in the stomach. Pressure from the tumor growth can create a buildup of fluid and gas, causing distention. Persistent bloating feelings should not be ignored.

When To See A Doctor For Stomach Cancer Symptoms?

Contact your doctor promptly if you experience any unusual stomach cancer symptoms in women on a persistent or recurrent basis. Early diagnosis greatly improves prognosis and survival rates. Don’t wait to get checked out.

Diagnostic Tests For Stomach Cancer In Women

If stomach cancer is suspected, your doctor will run tests such as:

  • Physical exam of the abdomen
  • Endoscopy and biopsy
  • CT scan
  • PET scan
  • Laparoscopy
  • Blood tests

Catching stomach cancer early provides more treatment options and better outcomes. Pay attention to your body and contact your doctor with any concerns.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms Female Survival Rates

According to the American Cancer Society, the 5-year relative survival rates for stomach cancer symptoms in women by stage are:

  • Stage 0 – 65-85% 5-year survival rate [1]
  • Stage 1A – 71% 5-year survival rate [1]
  • Stage 1B – 57% 5-year survival rate [1]
  • Stage 2A – 46% 5-year survival rate [1]
  • Stage 2B – 33% 5-year survival rate [1]
  • Stage 3A – 20% 5-year survival rate [1]
  • Stage 3B – 14% 5-year survival rate [1]
  • Stage 4 – Less than 10% 5-year survival rate [1]

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What Are The First Warning Signs Of Stomach Cancer?

Persistent indigestion, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and unexplained weight loss are some early signs of stomach cancer symptoms in women to watch out for. You should consult these kinds of symptoms with your health care provider as soon as you find them.

What Is The Biggest Symptom Of Stomach Cancer?

Abdominal pain or discomfort in the stomach area is often one of the most noticeable and common symptoms of stomach cancer symptoms in women. You should always talk to your healthcare provider if you are having regular stomach or abdominal pain issues. 

Stomach pain can also happen due to gastric problems but you should always be aware of every possibility and consult any stomach specialist.

What Is The First Stage Of Stomach Cancer?

Stage 1 is early stomach cancer where the tumor is only in the inner layers of the stomach. Symptoms may be mild or nonexistent and they can be removed as well with proper cancer medication and timely operations.

Where Does Stomach Cancer Pain Start In Women?

The pain and discomfort from stomach cancer usually originate in the upper central abdomen behind the breastbone. It can feel like pressure, cramping, or a dull ache in the stomach. 

How Does Stomach Cancer Pain Feel?

The pain of stomach cancer may feel like a burning sensation or extreme heartburn. It can also feel like stabbing pain, cramps, pressure, or extreme fullness coming from the stomach area.

Is Stomach Cancer Fast Spreading?

How quickly it spreads depends on the stage. Early-stage stomach cancer symptoms in women have not spread, while late-stage can spread rapidly.

What Causes Stomach Cancer In Females?

An individual can have cancer due to a pylori infection, family history, smoking, diet high in smoked/pickled foods, obesity, and prior stomach surgery.

Is Stomach Cancer In Womens Hereditary?

Having a first-degree relative with stomach cancer increases the risk. Certain genetic mutations can predispose people. 

How Can I Reduce My Risk Of Stomach Cancer?

Quit smoking, limit alcohol and processed meats, eat more fruits and vegetables, control obesity, and treat H. pylori infection.

What Are The Types Of Stomach Cancer In Womens?

Adenocarcinoma (90-95% of cases), lymphomas, carcinoid tumors, and GI stromal tumors are the types of stomach cancer in womens.

Is Stomach Cancer Worse Than Other Cancers?

Women’s Stomach cancer can be very treatable if caught early. Late-stage prognosis is poorer than many other cancers.

What Are The Stages Of Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer stages range from 0 to 4, with 0 being early localized and 4 being advanced metastasized cancer.

What Are The Treatment Options For Stomach Cancer?

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted drug therapy are the treatment options that can be used to treat stomach cancer symptoms in women.

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