Kidney Medicine

Kidney Medicine

Kidneys are responsible for filtering excess fluid and waste from the blood. Kidney issues result in waste buildups in the blood and the body. This might affect the body in several different ways.
During the early stages, medication can suffice. However, in later stages, dialysis might be required in addition to medication. In severe cases, there is even an undeniable need for a kidney transplant.

Risk Factors

Most often, kidney diseases result from diabetes or high blood pressure. Moreover, these conditions might also be responsible for permanent kidney damage. Though diabetes and high blood pressure are prominent risk factors for kidney-related diseases, other risk factors include:

Cardiovascular diseases
Age, over 60 years
Being African-American, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American

How does Kidney Medicine help?

Different kidney medications are prescribed for distinct types of kidney problems. In some cases, the medications help in restoring kidney’s natural function while in others they assist kidneys with their natural filtration process.