July 21, 2022


8 Best Anti Cancer Food To Stay Healthy & Fit In 2023

A Natural and Nutritious Diet to Support Anticancer Medicines and Treatments, which include cancer-fighting foods and the 8 best foods to prevent cancer or supplements for cancer.

Natural cancer treatments are becoming more and more popular due to the rise in cancer cases and the failure of the medical system to find lasting and successful cancer therapies.

Cancer is a multi-factorial disease that requires a holistic approach, including changing your diet to cut out the energy supply for cancer and stop the blood supply for any tumors. It’s also important to detoxify. When
used in combination with a healthy diet and other cancer therapies, they can be very helpful in treating cancer.

8 Best Foods to Include in Your Diet to Fight Cancer

1) Cruciferous vegetables

2) Leafy green veggies

3) Moderate protein in your diet

4) Zeolite

5) Medicinal mushroom

6) Vitamin d3

7) Wheatgrass or barley grass

8) Curcumin

9) Zinc and vitamin c

10) Low-stress level

Let’s explain one by one:-

Cruciferous Vegetables – Best food to prevent cancer.

The best cancer-fighting foods, the first category of foods is cruciferous vegetables. such as broccoli, cauliflower, white and red cabbage.

Brussel sprouts, kale, rocket, and radish, In addition, cruciferous vegetables are highly effective for killing cancer cells and stopping the blood supply to tumors, which stops their growth and helps to shrink them. In addition, they protect the DNA, boost your immune system, and increase detoxification.

These veggies are packed with cancer-fighting phytonutrients. They’re rich in glutathione and sulforaphane. Sprouts and vegetable sprouts are high in sulforaphane.

Leafy green veggies

The leafy green veggies like chard and spinach, colorful veggies like peppers and onions, and Garlic, especially raw berries including strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries, especially Wild or organic are always better than lemons.

Eat good stuff like wild salmon, organic meat, olive and coconut oil, organic coffee, and herbs like basil, parsley, rosemary, and oregano. Mushrooms like shiitake, organic kefir yogurt, tempeh, sauerkraut, kimchi, nuts, and seeds are great too. These are all-natural and full of nutrients. But remember, it’s not just about the food; how much you eat and what you eat together matters too. So be mindful of that for the best benefits

Moderate protein in your diet

If you’re trying to prevent cancer, you should have a moderate protein intake of around 20% of your total calories. It’s a hundred grams servings of high-quality protein food like meat, fish, or eggs twice a day, but if you do have cancer, you would need to lower that even further as some cancers feed on amino acids from protein.

There is only one serving of high-quality protein per day, and what are we left with fat and high-fiber non-starchy veggies that should be the basis of your diet? A small amount of organic grass-fed or wild protein sources, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fat That’s the low-carb high-fat ketogenic diet.

The keto diet has been shown to be extremely beneficial for cancer patients. It cuts the energy supply for tumors. Supporting the mitochondria, the immune system lowers inflammation and provides you with plenty of nutrients needed for recovery.

Zeolite – food to prevent cancer

some of the best food supplements for cancer of help you to detoxify, and some cut out the energy supply for tumors. Some load you with beneficial compounds needed for fighting cancer. Some boost your immune system and others help to shrink tumours.

The first supplement for cancer is zeolite. Several studies have found that micronized zeolite clinoptilolite reduced the metabolic rate of cancer cells, making the cancer drugs more effective and less toxic, reducing metastasis, helping to prolong lifespan, and decreasing tumor size. It’s quite promising.

Medicinal mushroom

The next important supplement for treating cancer is a medicinal mushroom called reishi. It is used in breast cancer treatment ratio in combination with standard therapy or as an adjuvant single agent and was shown beneficial in improving the immune function of tumor-related symptoms.

It works by boosting the immune system, reducing tumor size, and preventing cancer metastasis.

Wheatgrass or barley grass

The next supplement is wheatgrass or barley grass juice powder. They’re loaded with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients needed for strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the whole body, increasing antioxidant levels, and shrinking tumors.

In one of the studies, barley grass extract causes apoptosis, which is the cell death of cancer cells by increasing intracellular reactive oxygen species production. Barley grass kills cancer cells.


The next cancer supplement is curcumin a high quality micronized curcumin supplement it is highly effective for treating cancer several studies have shown that curcumin, a compound extracted from turmeric, has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Curcumin is known to increase the concentration of our body’s master antioxidant glutathione and reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress. It’s worth adding a high-quality curcumin supplement to your cancer supplement list and boosting your immune system.

Zinc and vitamin C – Supplements to prevent cancer

You also need zinc, vitamin c, and quercetin. Vitamin c and quercetin allow zinc to get into the cells. If you don’t have enough zinc in the cells, your immune system can’t function properly.

Your fighter cells can’t attack whatever needs to be attacked, like bacteria, viruses, and cancerous cells. We get cancer cell formation daily, so we need to make sure our immune system has all it needs to do its job, which is to protect us.

Vitamin D3 – Prevent Cancer

Food supplement for cancer is vitamin D3 vitamin d is known for its ability to regulate inflammatory pathways associated with cancer. It is crucial for a properly functioning immune system.

Vitamin D affects the ability of cancer cells to proliferate, so it’s a crucial supplement for someone who has cancer. You can either spend around 20 minutes outside in the sun each day or take a vitamin D3 supplement.

Low-stress level to reduce cancer

Have to keep your stress levels as low as possible because excess stress can nullify all the good diet and supplements it switches off your immune system and makes you susceptible to getting cancer for these treatments to work sleep eight to nine hours each night and don’t be too stressed.


If a patient takes care of himself, takes proper diet and maintains his routine life without making any compromise with a deadly disease like cancer, then he can defeat cancer.

Cancer is not cured only with diet, apart from this it is necessary to take the help of medicines as well because this combination increases the recovery rate of the patient.

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Note: We do not recommend any medicine or give medical advice. Whether a medication is right for you is a decision between you and the prescribing doctor.

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