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    • Alex, On 07-08-2018
    Goood products and safe products...... Thanku
    • varela, On 07-08-2018
    Hello! After much thought, I ordered the preparations from this supplier. I paid it on 09.11.16, 19.11.16 the parcel was handed to me by courier. Packed all well in a plastic container. I ordered Mehep (Mylan) + Natdac (Natco) 3 packs. Good Service... Thanku
    • vanya-da-marya, On 07-08-2018
    Ordered, turned out to be very responsive....
    • Vivo, On 07-08-2018
    Thanks to chawla medicos specially chawla medicos Ordered velpnat tablets i got the good cordination from the chawla and the good price from others thankyou Ravinder for your services i fully recomendations to others
    • Maksim, On 07-08-2018
    Maksim Thank you so much!
    • fidan, On 07-08-2018
    The greatest company that I ever meet chawla medicos the best in the world , i refer this company they safe my mom life thakyou ravinder
    • Oxana, On 07-08-2018
    Good, This is very good and reliable company. We have received our meds very quickly and good package. We saw the way of our meds by internet and it is very comfortable . The seller explained everything for us with details . Thank you very much ,your company is very good company
    • Vince, On 07-08-2018
    Hello, Good product. Competitive pricing. Good service. Will buy again.
    • Lilisn, On 07-08-2018
    The best seller and reliable

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