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    • Kostik, On 07-08-2018
    LediHep was ordered by CHAWLA MEDICOS Mr. Ravinder Singh Chawla, was very responsive and helped me a lot when placing an order. I first ordered the drugs from abroad. Order medications through intermediaries is much more expensive. So I turned to Ravinder. Communicated through Google. Today started treatment. (1a hepatitis C). I wish everyone good health and success in treatment. Thanku..
    • amedvedev, On 07-08-2018
    Dear sir, we give the place to the client, we give them time to make the right decision, and when the customer is fully satisfied.. Thank you
    • anna, On 07-08-2018
    Ravinder singh, The parcel was received. Thanks you. Both for medicines, and for the help in the developed situation with delivery. Everything is well packaged, the drugs are fresh, the PRICE IS OUT OF COMPETITION.
    • Russkii, On 07-08-2018
    Thank you for the help about the Russian Post. All is well resolved, and then worried already ... The parcel was almost a month. Read your diary. Get well!
    • Figik, On 07-08-2018
    Good seller, everything that ordered it came! I recommend! Thanku..
    • Alesia, On 07-08-2018
    Completely satisfied with the company and the quality of service! Delivered very quickly! I received it in my city! Everything is very clear! After choosing the So do not be afraid! Everything is very clear! I am completely satisfied!
    • Ilya-K, On 07-08-2018
    ordered 2 sets of zydus all came, thanks for the honest work
    • Alex, On 07-08-2018
    Goood products and safe products...... Thanku
    • varela, On 07-08-2018
    Hello! After much thought, I ordered the preparations from this supplier. I paid it on 09.11.16, 19.11.16 the parcel was handed to me by courier. Packed all well in a plastic container. I ordered Mehep (Mylan) + Natdac (Natco) 3 packs. Good Service... Thanku

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