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    • Martin, On 23-09-2023
    • Mazin , On 06-09-2023
    I was very happy to receive my mother medicine and the service and response to my email and massages very happy very good service I really recommend and will use it again and really trusting the name thank you very much
    • Ivan, On 15-06-2023
    The seller is a very kind and correct person. The medicines arrived in Moldova in a few days. I recommend this seller. Продавец очень ответственнен и был постоянно на связи. Я заказывала препарат в Молдову. Дошёл в течение 5 дней. Рекомендую эту компанию всем, кто нуждается в помощи. Большое спасибо компании за быструю и добросовестную работу
    • Алексей, On 02-06-2023
    Заказывал медикаменты в Японию, всё доставили, но мой совет, заказывать с запасом времени, так как на оформление бумаг уходит много времени. Спасибо за вашу работу.
    • 1, On 14-01-2023
    • rahul gupta, On 12-01-2023
    it was a nice online buying experience from chawla medicos. i paid online and the delivery was done in a day from delhi to agra. medicines were authentic. person on phone mr omveer was gentleman. However, they charged 100rs courier charges additional.
    • 1, On 10-12-2022
    • 1, On 10-11-2022
    • Roberto Barrientos, On 28-10-2022
    The seller is a very kind and correct person. At first I was wary of buying but then I changed my mind. The medicines arrived in Chile in a few days and at a very convenient price. I recommend checking the expiration date with the seller before buying to avoid problems, especially when buying in quantities. It was a good experience. I recommend this seller.

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