September 13, 2022


Revolade 25mg Tablet – Uses, Work, Precautions.

In this blog, You will get all information about Revolade 25mg tablet. You will understand its uses, works, precautions and other helpful information.

Revolade 25 mg Tablet – Info

Revolade 25mg Tablet has a place with a class of medications called thrombopoietin (TPO) receptor agonists and is utilized to treat patients who have low platelet considered a consequence of perpetual insusceptible thrombocytopenia or unending hepatitis C infection contamination. Revolade 25mg Tablet is additionally utilized in blend with different medications to treat conditions, for example, serious aplastic sickliness. By and large, this drug is managed to those patients who have not reacted great to different meds, or medical procedures. 

What Revolade 25mg is utilized for? 

It is utilized to, 

  • Treat a draining issue called insusceptible (idiopathic) thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) in patients matured 1 year or more 
  • Treat low platelet tally (thrombocytopenia) in grown-ups with hepatitis C infection (HCV) diseases 
  • Treat adults patients with low blood tallies brought about by serious aplastic frailty (SAA) 

What symptoms are possible with this drug? 

Like all medications, this drug can cause reactions, in spite of the fact that not every person gets them, for example, 

  • The higher danger of blood clumps set apart by the sudden obstructing of a vein 
  • Liver issues set apart by yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice), surprisingly dull shaded pee 
  • Decline platelet check 
  • Seeping in the stomach-related framework set apart by dark dawdle stools, heaving blood, blood in your stools 
  • Sickness 
  • Looseness of the bowels 
  • Upper respiratory tract contamination 
  • Regurgitating 
  • Expanded liver proteins 
  • Muscle torment 
  • Urinary tract contamination

How to use Revolade Tablet? 

Take this drug in the dose and time as suggested by your specialist. Take it as an entire. Try not to break, chew, or crush it. Revolade 25 mg Tablet is to be taken empty stomach. 

Precautions & Warnings while using Revolade Medicine

Precautions & Warnings while using Revolade Medicine

Talk with your specialist before taking REVOLADE 25MG, if you: 

  • Are hypersensitive to eltrombopag or any of the alternate ingredients of this drug? 
  • Have liver issues 
  • Are you in danger of blood clots in your arteries or veins, or do you realize that blood clots are usual in your family 
  • Have recently had surgery or received physical damage 
  • Have cancer 
  • Are exceptionally overweight (obese) 
  • Are a smoker 
  • Have cataracts (the lens of the eye getting cloudy) 
  • Have another blood condition, for example, myelodysplastic disorder (MDS)
  • This drug isn’t suggested for use in pregnant ladies and in breastfeeding ladies. 
  • This drug isn’t suggested for use in patients with a known sensitivity to eltrombopag or some other inert fixings present alongside it. 
  • Revolade 25 mg Tablet may associate with numerous different medications and may cause serious unfriendly impacts. Consequently, it is prompted that you advise the specialist pretty much the entirety of your present meds including any herbs and enhancements before starting treatment with this drug.

How does Revolade Tablet work? 

Revolade 25Mg Tablet has been developed and offered to treat a few conditions, which lead to thrombocytopenia. It works by stimulating the development of new platelets in the blood. Platelets help to decrease or prevent bleeding. 

How to get Revolade 25mg Tablet Online?

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