Tenvir AF Tablets

Tenvir AF Tablets

Tenvir AF Tablets capsule

Primary uses of Tenvir AF Tablets
used for the treatment of HIV





Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate

Prescription Required


Strength 25mg
Package 30 Tablets

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Product Description

Tenvir AF

Tenvir 25 mg Tablet is an antiviral medication which is utilized to treat human immunodeficiency infection (HIV) and hepatitis B infection (HBV) diseases. This prescription isn't a solution for HIV or HBV. It just keeps the infection from duplicating in your body. Close observing of liver capacity and kidney work is essential while accepting this drug.


Tenofovir is prevalently utilized alongside other antiviral medications for the administration of incessant hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS.

Tenofovir can be utilized for HIV avoidance in individuals who are at high danger of disease. It declines the hazard altogether. In addition, in HIV constructive individuals Tenofovir essentially lessens the movement of HIV positive state to AIDS.

Side-effects of TENVIR AF 25 MG TABLET

Tenofovir is typically very much endured. However, sometimes it might cause:

  • Lactic acidosis (aggregation of lactic corrosive in the blood). The danger of getting lactic acidosis is high in ladies and large individuals.

  • Queasiness, the runs, heaving, weariness, tipsiness

  • Wretchedness

Contraindications of TENVIR AF 25 MG TABLET

Discussion with a specialist is important before taking Tenofovir in underneath referenced restorative conditions.

  • Lactic acidosis

  • A low measure of phosphate in the blood

  • Relaxing of Bones

  • Developed greasy liver

  • Intense renal disappointment


Take this prescription in the dosage and time as advised by your specialist. Swallow it as an entire. Try not to bite, chew, or break it. Tenvir AF 25 mg Tablet is to be taken with a meal.


Tenvir AF 25 mg Tablet is an antiviral medicine. It keeps the increase of infection in human cells. This prevents the infection from creating new infections and clears up your disease.

Cautioning and Precautions

Talk to your specialist before taking TENVIR AF 25mg, if you:

  • Are adversely affected by Tenofovir disoproxil or any of the alternate elements of this medication

  • Have kidney or liver issues

  • Have bone issues

  • Have an immune system issue

  • TENVIR AF 25mg goes into your breast milk

  • Talk to your health care provider about the most ideal approach to support your child

  • If you are pregnant or are intending to have a child, approach your specialist for advice before taking this prescription

Expert advice

  • It might likewise be utilized in a blend with different drugs for the treatment of HIV diseases.

  • Take it with sustenance, as this builds the ingestion of the drug into the body.

  • Tenvir AF 25 mg Tablet may cause unsteadiness or lethargy. Try not to drive or do anything requiring fixation until you know how it influences you.

  • You may, in any case, create contaminations or different sicknesses related to the viral disease while taking this prescription

  • You can likewise pass on HIV or HBV to other people. Try not to share needles or individual things that can have blood or body liquids on them.

  • Amid treatment and for something like 6 months subsequent to halting this prescription, normal blood tests are expected to screen your liver capacity, the dimension of hepatitis B infection and platelets in your blood.

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Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate

Strength 25mg
Package 30 Tablets


Package Type

30 tab


Before your doctor tends to prescribe you please ensure it is aware of any sort of allergies you have.

  • Your physician should be aware:
  • Of any herbal supplements, you take
  • That you are not pregnant
  • That you do not have any of the liver/ heart/ kidney disorders

Dietary products because lactation in many people who are on a regular dose of hence intake of such products should be avoided.

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