Sorafenib 200 mg Tablet
Sorafenib 200 Mg

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Sorafenib 200 mg Tablet: Dosage, Side Effects, and Uses

Sorafenib 200 mg Tablet: Dosage, Side Effects, and Uses Details

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Sorafenib Tablets

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Strength 200mg
Package 120 Tablets
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Sorafenib 200 tablet is used to treat kidney, liver, and thyroid cancer. It works by slowing the growth of cancer cells in the body and by blocking the action of protein that signals cancer cells to multiply.

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About Sorafenib

Sorafenib 200Mg tablets are a cancer medication used to treat advanced kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma), liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), and a certain type of thyroid cancer that has spread to other parts of the body and cannot be treated with radioactive iodine.

This medicine works by blocking the action of an abnormal protein that signals cancer cells to multiply. This helps to stop the spread of cancer cells in the patient body. Sorafenib medicine comes as a tablet to be taken by mouth usually twice a day 1 hour before your meal or after 2 hours of your meal.

What Is Sorafenib Tablets 200 Mg Price?

The Sorafenib tablets will cost you from Rs.1500 to Rs. 3500 per box. However, it depends on the packaging as well like how many tablets you are getting in a box. But if you shop for Sorafenib 200 mg tablets from Chawla medicos then it will cost you a bit lower as compared to other sellers.

However, it is important to note that the prices listed above are just a few examples and may not be the same everywhere. The actual price of sorafenib tablets 200 mg may vary depending on factors like bottle size, number of tablets, and market competition as well.

Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablets Side-Effects

There can be so many side-effects of Sorafenib tablets such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting: It is one of the common side-effects of taking anti-cancer medicines and Sorafenib is one of them.

  • Decreased appetite: This is not a common side-effect of taking this medicine but can be seen in a patient with a weak immune system.

  • High blood pressure: Consuming high-power medicines mostly gives high blood pressure side effects as it pushes organs to their best performances.

  • Liver problems: Liver problems are one of the common side effects that can be seen in most of the patients with various diseases and cancer is also one of them.

  • Heart problems: Due to high blood pressure there can be so many heart problems like Arrhythmia and heart failure too.

  • Hand-foot syndrome: Redness, pain, and swelling are not common side effects of Sorafenib medicine and patients should consult it with their doctors.

  • Blood in the urine or stools: Having blood out of your body is never a good sign for any disease. If you are seeing blood while urinating then you must consult it with your doctor and specialist.

Sorafenib 200 mg Uses

Sorafenib tablets are used to treat Liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) and late-stage kidney cancer (advanced renal cell carcinoma) which cannot be cured by surgery. This medicine also gets used to treat some different thyroid cancers that have spread to other body parts and come back after the treatment ends.

This medicine is an antineoplastic (cancer) agent that works by stopping the spread of cancer cells so it cannot affect other body parts.

How Does Sorafenib 200 Mg Work?

Sorafenib medicine works by stopping the action of an abnormal protein that signals cancer cells to multiply. It helps to stop the spread of cancer cells so it cannot multiply itself and affect your other body parts.

However, you can also consume other Sorafenib 200 mg alternative cancer drugs to prevent cancer cells from multiplication such as Brigatinib, Ceritinib, and Dasatinib.

How Is Sorafenib 200 Mg Taken?

The 200 mg Sorafenib tablets are taken by mouth, 2 tablets per day, one in the morning and the second in the evening. A patient should consume Sorafenib medicine on an empty stomach or before 2 hours and after 2 hours of any meal.

Can Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet Cure Cancer?

There is no guarantee that the Sorafenib 200 mg medicine will cure cancer. It significantly slows the growth of cancer cells in the patient's body to stop its spread to other body parts.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions While Taking Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet?

According to our research and expert advice, you should avoid the intake of grapefruit and grapefruit juice as it can interact with Sorafenib and reduce its effectiveness.

Can I Take Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet During Pregnancy?

Taking Sorafenib medicines can affect the developing fetus during pregnancy so it is completely prohibited during pregnancy. You must look for the Sorafenib 200 mg tablet alternatives with the help of your healthcare provider.

How Long Should I Continue Taking Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet?

Mostly it varies from person to person so you should discuss it with your doctor or health care provider. They will adjust your medication plan and intake of anti-cancer drugs.

Are There Any Specific Tests Required While On a Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet?

There is no special test that must be done before 200 mg Sorafenib tablets but regular blood tests and liver functionality tests are necessary while taking Sorafenib to ensure victim safety.

Can Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet Be Taken With Other Medications?

Yes, Sorafenib tablets can be taken with other medications but you must consult with your healthcare provider before consuming it with any other medicine.

When Should I Take Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet?

You should consume the Sorafenib before 1 hour of your meal and after 2 hours of your meal. It is always suggested by doctors and experts to take Sorafenib 200 on an empty stomach.

What If I Miss The Sorafenib 2000 Mg Dose?

If you have missed one of the Sorafenib dosages then leave it and go for the next dose. Do not consume 2 Sorafenib 200mg tablets together as it can make your blood pressure high and cause you several liver problems.

Can Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is not a common side-effect of Sorafenib medicines but in some of the cases where patients have weak immune systems, they face a little hair loss problem. In care, if you are also facing a hair loss problem then you must consult with your health care provider so they can change your medication routine or medicines.

Are There Any Long-term Side-Effects of Sorafenib 200Mg Tablets?

Sorafenib medicines do not give many side effects to patients as it is one of the well-tolerated medicines. However, a few of the patients may face issues like hypertension, hand-foot reaction, and Change in skin colour.

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet?

It is advised to avoid alcohol while taking the 200 mg Sorafenib medicine. Intake of alcohol can react with the medicine effect, give you various side effects, and reduce its positive effectiveness as well.

Can Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet Be Crushed Or Split If I Have Difficulty Swallowing Pills?

No, the Sorafenib tablet should not be split in half or crushed while consuming it. This medicine contains different medication salts with different layers which can give different side effects with the wrong consumption method.

What Should I Do If I Experience Severe Side Effects Or Allergic Reactions While Taking Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablet?

If you are getting several side effects by consuming Sorafenib medicine then you must consult with your health care provider or doctor. They will surely give you an alternative to Sorafenib tablets or will give you another medication to reduce the side effects.


Anti Cancer Drugs




Sorafenib Tablets

Strength 200mg
Package 120 Tablets


Package Type



Before your doctor tends to prescribe you please ensure it is aware of any sort of allergies you have.

  • Your physician should be aware:
  • Of any herbal supplements, you take
  • That you are not pregnant
  • That you do not have any of the liver/ heart/ kidney disorders

Dietary products because lactation in many people who are on a regular dose of hence intake of such products should be avoided.

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