Revolade 50 mg Tablets
Revolade 50 mg Tablets

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Revolade 50 mg Tablets

Revolade 50 mg Tablets Details

Anti Cancer Drugs





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Strength 50mg
Package 14 Tablets
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Revolade 50Mg Tablet belongs to a class of medications called thrombopoietin (TPO) receptor agonists, and is utilized to treat patients who have low platelet counts as an aftereffect of chronic immune thrombocytopenia or chronic hepatitis C infection disease. Revolade 50Mg Tablet is additionally utilized in mix with different medications to treat conditions, for example, extreme aplastic weakness. Usually, this prescription is regulated to those patients who have not reacted extremely well to different medications, or surgery.

What REVOLADE 50MG is utilized for?

It is utilized to,

  • Treat a bleeding issue called immune (idiopathic) thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) in patients aged 1 year or more.

  • Treat low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) adults with hepatitis C infection (HCV) contaminations.

  • Treat adult’s patients with low blood counts caused by extreme aplastic anemia (SAA).

Revolade 50mg Tablet Side-effects

Like all drugs, this prescription can cause side-effects; however, not every person gets them.

  • Higher danger of blood clots set apart by the sudden blocking of a vein.  

  • Liver issues set apart by yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice), surprisingly dull hued pee

  • Reduced platelet check

  • Bleeding in the stomach system marked by dark tarry stools, vomiting blood, blood in your stools.

How to use REVOLADE 50 mg Tablet?

Take this drug in the dose and time as suggested by your specialist. Take it as an entire. Try not to break, chew, or crush it. Revolade 50 mg Tablet is to be taken empty stomach.

Precautions & Warnings

Consul with your specialist before taking REVOLADE 50MG, if you:

  • Are hypersensitive to eltrombopag or any of alternate ingredients of this drug.

  • Have liver issues

  • Are in danger of blood clots in your arteries or veins, or you realize that blood clots are usual in your family

  • Have recently had surgery or received physical damage

  • Have cancer

  • Are exceptionally overweight (obese)

  • Are a smoker

  • Have cataracts (the lens of the eye getting cloudy)

  • Have another blood condition, for example, myelodysplastic disorder (MDS)

  • This drug isn't suggested for use in pregnant ladies and in breastfeeding ladies.

  • This drug isn't suggested for use in patients with a known sensitivity to eltrombopag or some other inert fixings present alongside it.

  • Revolade 50 Tablet may associate with numerous different medications and may cause serious unfriendly impacts. Consequently, it is prompted that you advise the specialist pretty much the entirety of your present meds including any herbs and enhancements before starting treatment with this drug.

How REVOLADE 50 mg Tablets works?

Revolade 50Mg Tablet has been developed in an offered to treat a few conditions, which lead to thrombocytopenia. It works by stimulating the development of new platelets in the blood. Platelets help to decrease or prevent bleeding.

When not to use Revolade 50 mg Tablet?

Allergies to Revolade Tablet are a contraindication. Also, Revolade Tablet ought not to be utilized if you have the following conditions:

  • Hypersensitivity to it or any of its ingredients

  • Children and teenagers below 18 years

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Anti Cancer Drugs





Strength 50mg
Package 14 Tablets


Package Type



Before your doctor tends to prescribe you please ensure it is aware of any sort of allergies you have.

  • Your physician should be aware:
  • Of any herbal supplements, you take
  • That you are not pregnant
  • That you do not have any of the liver/ heart/ kidney disorders

Dietary products because lactation in many people who are on a regular dose of hence intake of such products should be avoided.

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Some FAQs about Revolade 50 mg Tablets

REVOLADE TABLETS contains Eltrombopag. It is an anti-cancer medication. It works by increasing the formation of new platelets in the blood.

  • Nausea, 
  • Diarrhea,
  • Vomiting, 
  • Muscle pain,
  • Urinary tract infection.