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Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld spoke to Sunil Wadhwani, Founder Donor, WISH Foundation, New Delhi to know about the foundation's adoption of technology in solving the various needs in primary healthcare. Edited excerpts: 

Primary healthcare and the trends in India
Primary healthcare is the foundation of healthcare. In order to have an effective healthcare system overall, you need an effective primary healthcare system. In many parts of India, primary healthcare has made significant progress, especially if we look at states in southern India, states in western India and some of the states in northern India. Many of the large low income states in India still have a long way to go. The good news is that the leadership, governments in these states recognize that the primary healthcare system in the states does need a lot of improvement, they are very open to new ideas. I think people have seen how technology and innovation can play a very big part in improving primary healthcare.

Achieving healthy India by 2027 goals
At Wish Foundation, the non-profit foundation that I founded 4 years ago, our mission is to work with government to help government achieve their healthcare goals for the citizens of India. We are focusing on improving primary healthcare and improving its game changing technology and innovation. Our goal is that by year 2027, which is the 80th anniversary of India’s independence, that everyone in India will have access to good quality primary healthcare regardless of their income level, so we call it goal Healthy India at 80.

Transformation of healthcare through innovations and technology
The way we apply technology and innovation to improve primary healthcare at Wish foundation is the following different components, namely the preventive component, diagnostic component, treatment component, and the follow up component.

We bring tech to strengthen each of these areas. On the diagnostic side the health and wellness centres, a lot of the patients are run on smart, intelligent diagnostic devices which take the data from the patient, transfer it to the physicians who might be remote and then use the data to come with the best treatment options for the patient.

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