Saudi Home Health Care Day

Saudi Arabia has perceived the significance of home medicinal services 10 years back. The Ministry of Health has an extraordinary program known as “Home Health care” to give essential and changed administrations to specific gatherings. It has set out specific conditions for this administration which have been clarified on the service’s site.

Home health care (HHC) is more affordable than admission to a healing facility ward, helps in a decrease of the length of remain and doctor’s facility readmission which can possibly lessen the expenses of clinic care.

The most astounding level of patients who utilize HHC are elderly, The quantity of individuals matured 65 or more seasoned is anticipated to develop from an expected 524 million of every 2010 to about 1.5 billion out of 2050, HHC administrations are extending quickly to address the issues of the developing elderly populace and those are experiencing numerous incessant issue which requires the preventive, remedial and rehabilitative program. HHC affect enhancing personal satisfaction among elderly patients in the home consideration set.

HHC is an extensive variety of social insurance benefits that can be given in patient’s home for an ailment or damage, normally more affordable, more advantageous, than and similarly as powerful as consideration persistent gets in a healing facility or gifted nursing office. Home wellbeing administrations incorporate injury care for weight bruises or a careful injury, patient and parental figure instruction, intravenous or nourishment treatment, infusions, and checking genuine disease and flimsy wellbeing status (Medicare) HHC ought not to be mistaken for home care.

HHC Provides medicinal services to patients in their homes and improve their conviction that all is good and certainty without being in the doctor’s facility after the soundness of their condition, shield them from clinic gained contaminations, diminish the readmission of elderly patients and those with interminable infection and has a commitment to the scattering of wellbeing mindfulness and wellbeing directions for the patient and his family through the therapeutic group amid the administration.

Home health care is extending in Saudi Arabia at a quick pace with the end goal to address the issue of developing populace of more established grown-up and those with constant sicknesses. HHC is an extensive variety of social insurance benefits that can be given in home for a disease or damage, the nature of this administration is different from the doctor’s facility to another.


The different advantages of fusing home medicinal services (HHC) in the wellbeing framework are known around the world. Research uncovers that home medicinal services have a job in enhancing the clinical results of patients, that it is savvy, and that it is a superb answer for the bed inhabitance issue, liberating doctor’s facility beds for intense cases while guaranteeing quality consideration for stable patients with unending medical problems.

Main considerations driving the development of this market incorporate the ascent in maturing populace, expanding rates of constant illnesses, developing an interest for moderate human services conveyance frameworks because of the mounting social insurance costs, mechanical progressions, and government activities to advance home medicinal services. Then again, changing repayment approaches, constrained protection inclusion, and patient security concerns are confining the development of this market. In view of items, the market is divided into testing, screening, and checking, helpful, and portability care items.

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