Define Infectious Disease and how it is caught__Chawla Medicos (1)

Define Infectious Disease and how it is caught? – Chawla Medicos

Infectious Disease, otherwise called transferable ailments, can incorporate a disease that might be contracted through outside vectors and may likewise be spread in a similar way. This implies irresistible sicknesses can be contracted and spread through contact, either straightforwardly from READ MORE

WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2019_Chawla Medicos

WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2019 – Chawla Medicos

Are your kidneys alright? This is by all accounts the inquiry that the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF). These are the two associations to create World Kidney Day. Training, evaluation, and donations READ MORE


Important Information about Lenalid (lenalidomide) Tablets and what are its uses

Lenalidomide influences the invulnerable framework. It elevates insusceptible reactions to help moderate tumor development.  Lenalidomide is utilized to treat various myelomas (bone marrow disease), either in the mix with another pharmaceutical or after undifferentiated organism transplant. Lenalidomide is additionally used READ MORE


What is Sorafenib and what conditions does Sorafenib Tablet treat?

Sorafenib is an oral anticancer solution accessible just by prescription. Sorafenib has not been contemplated in children’s.  Sorafenib has been considered in patients with a liver tumor that can’t be cured with a medical procedure, in patients with an advanced READ MORE