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Tasigna 200mg Capsules

Tasigna 200mg Capsules

Primary uses of Tasigna 200mg Capsules
the treatment of blood cancer (Chronic myeloid leukaemia).

Anti Cancer Drugs





Strength 200mg
Package 1X4 Capsules

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Product Description

Tasigna tablet

Tasigna is a drug containing a functioning substance called nilotinib. Tasigna is utilized to treat a kind of leukemia called Philadelphia chromosome-positive endless myeloid leukemia (Ph-positive CML). CML is a malignant growth of the blood which makes the body produces such a large number of strange white platelets. Tasigna is utilized in adults and pediatric patients with recently analyzed CML. It is likewise utilized in pediatric patients with CML who are no longer profiting by past treatment including imatinib or who experienced genuine symptoms with past treatment and are not ready to keep taking it.

Side-effects of Tasigna tablet

  • cerebral pain

  • tiredness

  • muscle torment

  • tingling,

  • rash

  • sickness

  • balding

  • musculoskeletal agony, muscle torment, torment in a limit, torment in joints, bone torment and spinal torment after stopping treatment with Tasigna

If any of these influences you extremely, tell your specialist.

How to take Tasigna tablet?

  • Swallow the tablet entire with water.

  • Do not take any meal together with the hard containers.

  • Do not open the hard containers except if you can't swallow them. Assuming this is the case; you may sprinkle the substance of each hard container in one teaspoon of fruit purée and take it right away. Try not to utilize more than one teaspoon of fruit purée for each capsule and don't utilize any sustenance other than fruit purée.

How do Tasigna works?

Tasigna 150Mg medication controls myelogenous leukemia by blocking the tyrosine kinase movement of the BCR-ABL protein. It works by blocking TEL-platelet-determined development factor receptor-beta and FIP1-like-1-PDGFRalpha. AMN107 additionally prevents the c-Kit receptor kinase, alongside D816V-changed type of KIT.

Safety measures:

  • Before beginning Tasigna treatment, ensure you educate your specialist concerning other meds you are taking (includes medicine, over-the-counter, organic cures, vitamins, and so forth.). While taking Tasigna don't take ibuprofen or items containing headache medicine except if your specialist allows this.

  • Keep away from grapefruit or grapefruit juice while taking this drug.

  • Try not to get any sort of immunization or vaccine without your specialist's approval while taking nilotinib.

  • Tell your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or might be pregnant before beginning this treatment. Pregnancy class D (nilotinib might be dangerous to the fetus. Ladies who are pregnant or become pregnant must be informed with respect to the potential hazards to the fetus).

  • For the couples: Use contraceptives and don't get pregnant while taking Tasigna. Barrier strategies for contraception are suggested.

  • Try not to breastfeed while taking Tasigna.

What you have to know before you take Tasigna?

Follow the specialist's guidelines cautiously. They may contrast from the general info contained in this handout.

Try not to take Tasigna

  • If you are adversely affected by nilotinib or any of the alternate elements of this prescription.

  • If you figure you might be hypersensitive, tell your specialist before taking Tasigna.

How to Order Tasigna tablet from India?

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Anti Cancer Drugs





Strength 200mg
Package 1X4 Capsules


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Drugs Details

TASIGNA CAPSULE 200MG Is Mainly Used In the treatment of blood cancer (Chronic myeloid leukemia).

TASIGNA CAPSULES 200MG contains Nilotinib. It is an anti-cancer medication. it is used to treat a type of blood cancer called Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia. Nilotinib is usually given after other medications have been tried without success.

  • You need to Avoid drinking alcohol while using TASIGNA CAPSULES , please consult your doctor
  • If you experience any symptoms or illness you must Consult your doctor.
  • Do not take this drug during pregnancy please consult your doctor.

The most common side effect of TASIGNA CAPSULES are as under:

  • Nilotinib: 
  • hives; 
  • difficult breathing; 
  • swelling of your face, 
  • lips, 
  • tongue, or throat

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