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The liver is a large reddish-brown glandular organ located in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity. right portion of the abdominal cavity its secret bile and performs several important founctions the hapatits c virus is a blood-borne pathogen and primarily affects the liver. the hapatits c virus contains RNA or ribonucleic acid as the genetic material in its core which is surrounded by a fatty envelope the virus enters the body and circulate in the blood stream and attaches to liver cells once attached the virus releases the RNA into the healthy cells the viral RNA then replicates itself by hundred or thousands of time making genetic material required to produce new viruses these new viruses intern infect other liver cells eventually this process shut down most of the normal founctions of the liver cells and damages ir symptoms of hepatitis jaundice mild fever muscle and joint aches nausea vomitting loss of appetite abdominal pain this infection may continue for years eventually resulting in scarring of the liver tissue called cirrhosis liver cancer can also develope in later stages.

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