Velpanat Tablets for Hepatitis C

Velpanat tablets help in treating the hepatitis C in adults, basically, those who have m genotype 1-6 chronic hepatitis C virus. These tablets should be taken as a fixed dose by the patients having Chronic Hepatitis C. There is no need to combine these tablets with other medicines. Nucleotide polymerase inhibitor is included in these tablets that help in curing the disease. This medicine has given great results when a patient of HCV infections of 1,2,3,4,5,6 genotype has taken it for 12 weeks. These tablets can be taken with ribavirin in order to treat Hepatitis C. This medicine is categorized under antiviral medicines named as replication complex inhibitor and NS5B polymerase inhibitor. Velapant tablets help in controlling the virus that spread the disease. These tablets can be consumed with or without having food. Make sure that these tablets are taken on daily basis that too at the same time as prescribed by the specialist.

The patient should consult hematologist if he/she feels some kind of allergy after consuming velapant tablets. The doctor will tell you whether to continue the medicine by combining it with other drugs or to stop consuming it.

Also inform your doctor about the types of medicine a patient is having. In case a patient is taking some nutritional supplements or vitamins, then also the doctor should be kept informed. This will help the doctor to either change or modify your dosage accordingly. For example, if antacids are taken by a person then they should take it either 4 hours after or 4 hours before taking the velpanat tablets. If a person is taking the medicine for indigestion or heartburn or any other type of ulcer then the also the doctor should be informed so that he will tell at what time and after how many hours the velpanat tablets can be consumed. Also keep the doctor informed if any type of herbal medicine is been taken by a patient or she is breastfeeding or is pregnant.

How will the velasof tablets assist in developing your health?

With the development of science and technology, the medical field has also advanced a lot. If you are suffering from a long-standing Hepatitis C, then the velasof tablets will work like a miracle. Hepatitis C is a viral infection that can cause havoc with the health of a person. If you want to get the upper hand on the disease, then getting the right medication will help your cause.

Availing the drug

If you are suffering from the viral infection, then it is evident that your doctor will end up prescribing this drug. The medicine is available over the counter, but you should opt for its intake only if the doctor prescribes it. It will not be safe to ingest these tables without the consultation of the experts.

Composition of the tablets

The velasof tablets are a potent combination of two salts. They are velpatasvir and sofosbuvir. When combined in the right percentage, these tables will be able to improve the immunity of the liver. Once the immunity of the liver increases, you will be able to fight the disease. These salts work by eliminating Hepatitis C bacteria from the body. If you follow the guidelines of the doctor and take the medicines on time, then you will become healthy as a horse soon.

Side-effects that it causes

It has already been mentioned that the velasof tablets should not be taken without the prescription of the doctors. It is because the pills might have antagonistic effects on some patients. If your body rejects the pills, then you might suffer from headaches and nausea. Some might also complain of having a persistent feeling of tiredness. Others may suffer from diarrhea. Last but not the least; the side-effects of the drug can also mess up your sleep cycle. Insomnia is another problem that you might face.

Hepcinat LP Tablets

Hepcinat tablets are used for the treatment of liver cancer, HIV and hepatitis C. This tablet helps in treating the hepatitis C (HCV) infection with the combination of other drugs. Hepcinat tablets have great cure rate with minimum side effects. This is basically an anti cancer medicine. This tablet directly deal with HCV lifecycle and stops the viral replication. This drug can also proves to be the chain teeminator if incorporated in HCV RNA through NS5B polymerase. Hepcinat tablets are for oral use and can be taken on daily basis with or without having food. It is suggested that this medicine should be combined with Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin or Ribavirin to treat the Chronic Hepatitis C also termed as CHC for adults. It is prescribed to take this medicine only if advised by the doctor or under the medical supervision.

Hepcinat LP Tablets are formulated with the combination of antiviral medicines likes sofosbuvir and ledispavir. It effectively work to cure Chronic Hepatitis C. Harvoni is the international name of these tablets and have cure rate that ranges between 94%-99%. These tablets helps in stopping the multiplication of hepatitis C virus and the infection caused due to it. It weakens the virus by controlling it’s reproduction. It is prescribed that the adults who are above 18 years of age should take this medicine. It should be taken with water orally and shouldn’t be taken more than once in a day. Hepcat-LP tablets should be taken at the same time after 24 hours. Make sure you do not stop taking the medicine until and unless prescribed by the doctor. The correct dosage and the time period to consume this medicine should be prescribed and decided by the doctor. Also do not try to change or modify the dose by yourself.

Sovaldi tablets: Revolutionizing the Treatment of Hepatitis C

Sovaldi is commonly known as sofosbuvir, and it is used for the treatment of HCV. If you have been suffering from Hepatitis C, then your doctor will most certainly prescribe this drug to you.

The dosage of the medicine

The dosage of Sovaldi tablets will depend on the seriousness of the illness. Generally, the doctors prescribe this medicine along with two other pills for treating Hepatitis C quickly. The three medicines will launch a three-pronged attack on the virus and make your immunity and liver stronger. First, these drugs (ribavirin, peginterferon alfa and Sovaldi) will eliminate the virus and then repair the liver.

The Sovaldi tablets are safe for children as well. In case of very young children, the dosage will vary, but generally, the three pills are prescribed for all grownups and children who are above the age of 12 years.

Other instances of its usage

Some people have a misconception that the Sovaldi tablets will also come in handy for treating the patients who are infected with the HIV. The pills will only assist in keeping a check on the rapid multiplication of the disease. The pills will not cure it. Another misconception is that this medicine will benefit people who are infected with liver cancer. It is true that the cancer specialists prescribe these pills to liver cancer patients but only to prepare the base before the liver transplant takes place.

Harmful effects of the pill

The doctors will never prescribe the Sovaldi tablet to a female patient who is expecting a child or is trying to conceive. Sofosbuvir will have hostile effects on the fetus. If the patient continues to ingest the medicine, then it might result in the death of the fetus. In other cases, the child may be born with missing limbs and other deformities.

How will you prevent Hepatitis C?

As medical science advanced, the doctors and scientists were able to identify new viruses, which have been plaguing the human society. Once the disease was invented, a new search was started for finding its cure. Hepatitis C is one such virus that was invented by fluke. Now it is a known fact that one this virus affects the liver and can also be fatal. Scientists also discovered that a healthy person would get the disease if infected bold is pushed into their body. But small wounds can also be the cause of this infection. Many drugs will assist you in curing the disease, but it is better to stop Hepatitis C before it causes harm to you.

Guidelines for prevention of Hepatitis C

If you want to save yourself from the curse of this disease then you will have to follow the points mentioned here:

  1. If you want to stop Hepatitis C, then you will have to eliminate the chances of exposure to the virus. You need to make sure that you are not using any needles, which have been used by another person. Needles must be destroyed after one use.
  2. Having a safe sex life is also an important step to stop Hepatitis C. Though sexual intercourse has been ruled out as a potential source of the disease, the chances of contracting it increase if you or your partners have any other STD.
  3. Keeping a safe distance to blood products or infected blood will come in handy if you want to eliminate the chances of getting this disease. Medical products and blood must be handled with care so that you don’t get infected.

If you follow these measures, then you will be able to stay away from the viral infection. Leading a healthy life is a must, and one should always remember that prevention is far better than cure. Regular use Hepatitis C Medicine to become the cure from Hepatitis C.

Importance of Sofosbuvir Tablets

Sofosbuvir Tablets

Sofosbuvir tablets are best known for treating the hepatitis C (CHC). It works as an antiviral treatment of the chronic disease. It helps in treating various type of HCV infection with efficacy and safety. It doesn’t need interferon of for co-administration. Sofosbuvir tablets are approved by FDA for treating the HCV infection.

Keep the following points in mind while using sofosbuvir tablets:

  • Monotherapy of sofosbuvir is not suitable for CHC treatment
  • Duration and treatment regimens completely depends upon the population of patient and viral genotype
  • Treatment response is dependent upon the viral factors and baseline host

Sofosbuvir tablets works efficiently by cutting down the virus of hepatitis C slowly from the body of the patient, which ultimately helps to make the liver better and recover from disease. Chronic hepatitis C is the kind of infection that can damage your liver by even causing liver cancer. When combined with antiviral medicines sofosbuvir tablets strengthens the immune system if the body by reducing the infection caused by hepatitis C. Make sure that you do not use sofosbuvir tablets alone in order to ensure better results it should be combined with other medicines.

Before using the tablet read the instructions carefully. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor before taking the medicine. Also check the details of antiviral medicine that you will consume with these tablets. The dosage of the medicine is based upon the treatment and medical condition of the patient. The medicine should be taken at the specific interval and the drug level of the body should be constant. Even if you feel better and the symptoms of the disease disappear don’t stop taking the medicine. Consume it till the time doctor has prescribed you, or else the infection may return.

The most important thing that a patient should kept in mind is that, the doctor should be informed if they are allergic to something. So that doctor may combine the medicines accordingly.

New cures for hepatitis C — but are they affordable?

The public health burden of hepatitis C is enormous. This serious viral infection of the liver causes cirrhosis, liver cancer, and end-stage liver failure, often requiring liver transplantation. Over 3 million people in the United States, and 150 million worldwide, are infected with hepatitis C virus, resulting in 700,000 deaths per year.

People who are infected with hepatitis C virus often have no symptoms. The virus persists in the liver, slowly damaging liver tissue over a long period of time. For this reason, it is critical that progression of liver damage be stopped before advanced liver disease or liver cancer occurs.

But there’s some very good news: in the last few years, we have witnessed extraordinary progress in developing new drug treatments for hepatitis C. Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) and sofosbuvir combined with ledipasvir (Harvoni) are two well-known examples of these new drug therapies. Another new combination drug, sofosbuvir and velpatasvir, which was recently described in a report in The New England Journal of Medicine, is extremely effective against most forms of hepatitis C virus and will become the standard therapy when this combination is approved by the FDA.

But even though the new drugs can cure hepatitis C in many cases, they are not accessible to all people who need them. The new hepatitis C drugs cost between $80,000 and $150,000 per year. People with excellent insurance coverage may see low out-of-pocket costs for these drugs. But because of the expense, many insurance companies have implemented cost-shifting schemes that require high co-payments from people with less robust plans, which puts these drugs beyond reach for many people.

In the United States, hepatitis C drugs are but one example of “specialty drugs.” These are newer drugs for many chronic conditions — such as cancer and arthritis — that have been priced at levels that are unaffordable for many people who need them.

Until drugs for hepatitis C, and other specialty drugs, are priced at affordable levels, some people without sufficient financial means will be left out and unable to benefit from modern advances in drug therapy. As a society, we must find ways to make these drugs accessible to all who need them while also compensating the drug companies for their high research and development costs. This is a difficult balance, but in a society based on fairness and equity, it is one we must achieve. Because no one with hepatitis C should go without treatment.

New Year Resolutions with Hepatitis C

After all of the years of living with hep C it’s good to start a new year without it. This is my 5th year after clearing the virus. Each spin around the sun has brought some challenges. There have been a few regrets. But looking back, I’ve had some bright spots too. As always, I have set a few new year resolutions with hepatitis C. I thought maybe you didn’t have time, so I’ve come up with some for you. January 1st has come and gone, but there’s always time for setting goals. Feel free to pick and choose which ones apply to you.

New Year Resolutions for 2017

  • When your medical provider seems to misunderstand the seriousness of your health concerns, do not threaten to unleash wild dogs on them in 2017.
  • Throw out your stash of beer and salty potato chips and give your liver a break.
  • Stop feeling so guilty about everything and start blaming other people instead.
  • Set an exercise goal to take the first place trophy….. in the Armchair Olympics.
  • See if you can play less poker on the internet. This year you can try to get up, get dressed and go to the casino.
  • Stop cussing… at strangers in public places.
  • No matter which television series is showing, only allow yourself to watch 1 season of reruns per day.
  • You might try to work on your low self esteem. I plan to, but I’m not sure I can do it.
  • Try to laugh more. Even if you just type LOL into a text or internet forum. Let yourself feel just a little more jolly.
  • Make a vow to never take sleeping pills and laxatives on the same night.
  • Write a to-do list that includes some self time. Get a set of headphones and close your eyes…you’re there already.
  • Resolve that you will not post crazy stuff on the internet during a hepatic encephalopathy episode.
  • Quit bumming cigarettes in the pretense that you are quitting.
  • If you came into the New Year with medical bills, vow to make a payment every month until they are all paid off. … even it is only $1.00.
  • When your medical bills overwhelm you, begin learning to balance your checkbook… on your pointer finger.
  • Before driving away from the gas pump, try to remember to remove the nozzle from your car for a whole year.
  • Maybe this year you can stop making resolutions for the new year and begin to see yourself as perfect just like you are.
    • I hope this helped you with your new year resolutions with hepatitis C. Honestly, this year, I am going to quit worrying so much about everything. I’m going to get my mind still. I will be at perfect peace in my thoughts at this moment. But wait, it’s so quiet in there. I have to think about something. Maybe it’s too late to keep that resolution. I’ll start again next new year.

      Ok. Instead, I will begin to work with people who have mental health care needs…. like myself. Happy New Year!

Debates in Hepatology-The use of generic medications for hepatitis C.

This article about the rationale for using generic hepatitis C medication has just been published in Liver International in their section “Debates in Hepatology”.

James A. D. Freeman1 and Andrew Hill2

1 GP2U Telehealth, Hobart, Tas., Australia
2 St Stephens AIDS Centre, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK

Liver Int. 2016; 36: 929–932. DOI: 10.1111/liv.13157


Hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV, TB and malaria are the five major causes of infectious disease death worldwide. In a breakthrough that rivals the invention of penicillin, drugs that cure hepatitis C, with minimal side effects and high success rates, have reached the market, but, in what must be one of the greatest tragedies of modern times, these life-saving medications are not being deployed on a mass scale. Pharmaceutical patents are gifted to private corporations by governments for the dual purposes of protecting R&D expenditure and encouraging innovation. Unfortunately the monopoly pricing power these patents provision currently lacks adequate checks and balances, is open to abuse, and is quite clearly being abused. The sort of legislative changes required to deliver on the original goals of pharmaceutical patents will take years or even decades to eventuate. Parallel importation of generic medication offers hope to the millions of patients with HCV unable to afford access to vastly overpriced originator medications. Doctors prescribing and monitoring patients taking generics can take comfort from the fact that the REDEMPTION trial results show, like the HIV generics that came before them, that HCV generics deliver robust clinical results.

Read the full article at:

To find out more about generic hepatitis C medication please visit our forum where you can read the stories of patient successfully accessing and treating their hepatitis C with affordable generic medication.

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